Sigma Live Sessions

Expert sessions with Martin MacDonald, Nicola Guess, Kirsty Elliot-Sale and James Morton.

Watch in full HD quality, live discussions between Sigma Nutrition's Danny Lennon and four world-renowned experts in nutrition.

You will be able to view four topic discussions on:

  1. Dietary Interventions in Prediabetes & Diabetes - Nicola Guess, PhD
  2. Fuelling Elite Sport Performance, Carbohydrate Periodization & Pracitioner Experiences - James Morton, PhD
  3. Relative Energy Deficiency & Female Athlete Triad - Kirsty Elliot-Sale, PhD
  4. Fasting for Health? Longevity, Autophagy and More - Martin MacDonald, MSc

About The Experts

  • Dr. Nicola Guess, PhD - King’s College London
  • Dr. James Morton, PhD - Professor at Liverpool John Moores University & Head of Nutrition at Team Sky
  • Dr. Kirsty Elliot-Sale, PhD - Associate professor at Nottingham Trent University
  • Martin MacDonald, MSc - Founder of Mac-Nutrition

Nicola Guess, PhD

Dr. Guess is the Head of Nutrition at Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait City and a Lecturer in Nutrition at King's College London. Her research focuses on the role of diet in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes.

She has a particular interest in the use of low-carbohydrate diets in the management of type 2 diabetes, and leads a research programme investigating dietary modification – including increasing protein or the use of very-low-calorie-diets – on the factors underlying type 2 diabetes.

James Morton, PhD

Dr. Morton is the current Head of Nutrition at Team Sky and is a Professor of Exercise Metabolism at Liverpool John Moores University. He has an extensive list of published peer-review research in high impact journals, as well as being deeply involved in the highly-regarded sport science and nutrition programs at LJMU. During his time at Team Sky, the team has won 5 Tour de France titles. Previously, Dr. Morton has worked at head performance nutritionist at Liverpool Football Club.

Kirsty Elliot-Sale, PhD

Dr. Elliott-Sale is an associate professor in female physiology at Nottingham Trent University. There, she is also the Head of the Musculoskeletal Physiology Research Group. She is also responsible for teaching on the undergraduate and postgraduate Sport Science degree programmes. Dr Elliott-Sale teaches mainly in the areas of Exercise Physiology and particularly in Female Physiology, Performance, and Health.

Martin MacDonald

Martin is the founder of Mac-Nutrtion Uni (MNU), perhaps the leading online evidence-based nutrition course. Martin is registered with the Association for Nutrition, holding a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and postgraduates in both Sports Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. He is well known for his online social media presence and his unwavering endeavours to promote integrity and evidence-based practice and to bring them to the forefront of the industry.

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